Embassy of the Dominican Republic in the United Arab Emirates
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“Welcome to our website where you can find information about the Dominican Republic.”

As Gabriel Garcia Marquez, famous Latin American writer maintains “the Dominican Republic is a mysterious mixture of European, African and Taino traditions”. Because of the strategic location in the Great Antilles, right in the middle of the Caribbean, our Country is like no other.

Since the official opening of the Embassy in April 2009, this mission has been building strong and effective relations with the United Arab Emirates, strengthening the links between both countries.

One of the main objectives of our Embassy is to coordinate activities and events for the promotion of the Dominican Culture, commerce and tourism in order to overcome the barriers of distance and borders and bring us closer.

Our Embassy is working hard to service Dominican citizens in the UAE and Emiratis as well as expatriates living in the UAE who wish to travel and do business in the Dominican Republic.

On the website you will get to know about news and events of the Embassy, tourism, culture, business and trade, of the Dominican Republic. It also contains a Consular section which will provide you information about travel requirements, passports, legalizations and other consular matters.   The website has images of our wonderful and beautiful island discovered by Christopher Columbus in1492. In many senses, the Dominican Republic is considered the crest of the civilization of the New World.

My objective is to show you, all our resources and invite you to visit our country some day as the warmth and hospitality of our people will make your journey a unique one.

Clara Martinez Thedy de Safa

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