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Acquiring Dominican Nationality

Dominican Nationality is obtained by:

  1. Being born in Dominican Republic territory;
  2. By having a Dominican parent

A foreign person may become a Dominican citizen after a continuous residence in the
country of at least two years.

The application is made to the President of the Republic through the Ministry of Police and
Interior, and must include the following:

  • Reason for requesting nationality
  • Police record issued by the appropriate authority of the country of origin
  • Birth certificate, translated and legalized
  • Explanation if the applicant is changing nationality.
  • Receipt of taxes from the internal revenue offices
  • Five 2" x 2" photos
  • Any other document to support the application
  • Two certified letters issued by the immigration department of the Dominican Republic,conveying that:
    • The interested person is resident in the country
    • Its file has the guarantee letter required to grant the residence according to the law.
      The President has the discretional power to grant nationality. After the publication in the Official Gazette, the applicant must swear loyalty to the Dominican Republic. An indication of this oath is published in the Official Gazette. This process lasts 1-2years. The President of the Republic has the power to revoke the nationality under certain condition.
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